• November 25 in Estonia.



    Le 25 novembre, les Estoniens fêtent la Sainte Catherine de la même manière que la St Martin, le 10 novembre

    La Ste Catherine marque le début de l'hiver. 

    Au programme, déguisements et porte à porte pour récolter des petits présents (bonbons, pommes, argent...) en échange de chansons ou poèmes dont le principal thème est de souhaiter de la chance...

    Les vêtements des filles sont blancs en référence à la neige qui va bientôt tomber.

    November 25 in Estonia.

    Dear friends,

    we would like to inform you about Saint Catherine's Day's (Kadripäev in Estonian) celebrations on the 25th of November.

    In Estonia, the five parish churches and at least as many chapels have been dedicated to St Catherine.

    Kadripäev is still widely celebrated in the modern Estonia. It marks the arrival of winter, The customs of Kadripäev generally associate with the Catherine beggars (Kadrisandid), and the customs are similar to the traditions practiced on St Martin's Day (10 November). Both holidays require dressing up and going from door to door on the eve of the Day to collect gifts (e.g sweets, apples, money) in return for the special songs and poems. The main content of the songs and poems is to wish good luck with the herds and flocks. The Kadrisandid dress up as women or girls, and they wear white clothes, which is reference to the coming snow.

    As Uhtna school is situated in the rural area, the holiday is quite popular among our pupils. At school we are going to celebrate Kadripäev on the 25th of November together with the children from the local playschool. Please follow our blog to watch the videos and photos

    With best wishes,


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